Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
The privacy of visitors is important to us. When you visit the Anderson Parade website, we do not collect any personal or identifying information about you. You will not receive any e-mail from us as a result of using our website unless you voluntarily sign-up to be notified of meetings or other activities by supplying us with your e-mail address. We do not share this information with other organizations.
Copyright and Linking Policies
Anderson Parade makes the information on its website available to anyone. You may store any of this information on your own computer for your personal use only.  You may print copies of the information for your personal use only.  You may link to this information from your website.  You may cite or refer to the information in this site in any media provided you include proper reference to Anderson Parade as the source and as the URL.  Unless otherwise noted, the entire contents of this website, including text and images, belong exclusively to Anderson Parade.  With the exception of excerpts properly credited, you may not distribute the text or graphics to others, except through hyperlink; you may not reproduce, modify or reuse the text or graphics; and you may not mirror or frame this information on your own or another server.
As a convenience to our visitors, many of the documents on our website contain links to information created and maintained by other organizations. Anderson  Parade does not control, and is not responsible for, the accuracy, timeliness, or even the continued availability or existence of information supplies by others.  Opinions expressed on other sites are not necessarily those of Anderson Parade, nor does Anderson Parade endorse, warrant, or guarantee products or services described or offered on other sites. Anderson Parade is not responsible for the contents of any websites that choose to link to the Anderson Parade website. Copyright © 2017 by Cyber Space Ads.  All rights reserved.